The 20 Minute Video

The video for What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom is available here for you to view any time. The version that you can access here is presented in a format best suited for online viewing. Note that on many computers, you may be able to watch this video full-screen (check to see if you see the two-arrow symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the player).

If you would like a higher quality video to watch at home, in your organization, office, or educational institution, a copy of the video and a disc-based version of the IVT (requires a DVD drive on your computer) with the accompanying Users Guide is available for purchase.  Please contact us for more information about ordering a copy.

The edited video is based on the full interview records, accessible on this site through the Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer, the IVT. We encourage you to use the IVT, which sychronizes individual interviews with their transcripts, so as the video plays, the transcript updates automatically. The IVT also allows you to search transcripts for key words or phrases, and play the interview from that point. The IVT allows you to explore interview participants’ comments from the edited video in greater depth as well as watching the full interviews, if you wish. The IVT also includes a feature that allows you to create a playlist of clips from interviews for use in workshops, classes, and meetings.  For more information, and for instructions on using the IVT, please visit the interviews with students, which are available in their full-length using the Archive pages.

Discussion topics based on situations and issues identified by interview participants have been created to accompany the edited video and IVT.  These modules were created as a result of feedback from audiences who wanted to use the video with the sensitivity required of the subject matter. The discussion topics provide some discussion and analysis of these situations and issues, as well as materials intended for use in workshops and meetings for instructor training purposes.