Topic 2: Workshop Materials

Workshop Playlist

IVT: 1,19

IVT: 1,20

IVT: 1,32

Discussion Questions

  1. What about this situation made this student uncomfortable?
  2. Consider the intent of the instructor vs. the impact on the student:
    • What do you think the intentions of the instructor were?  What was the impact on this student?
    • Can you infer how the student interpreted the motivation for the instructor’s actions?

Questions for Further Discussion

  • How might this situation impact others involved in the situation: other students? How might they have perceived this situation? The instructor?


When asked in what ways the instructor could have handled this situation better, the student suggested that the instructor could have waited for her to respond to the situation rather than call on her. (IVT: 1,32)

  • Are there ways of calling on a student that might not result in such a negative reaction?  As a group, discuss ways that the instructor might have been able to minimize the negative impact on the student.

At the end of the exercise, discuss the following:

  • Do discussions have to take place in class?  What other ways can students participate in a discussion?
    • Example: Create a blog for students to post their thoughts on classes/discussion topics.

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