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We are interested in hearing from you about the project and suggestions about how to add to the project materials and the website. We encourage you to send us your feedback to help us improve and expand existing materials. We are in the process of developing a forum for this website for those who would like to post their feedback, as well as have discussions with others about the issues that the project raises. We will post information on the updates page when the forum becomes available, as well as any other information about project or website developments.

What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom can be purchased in print form as a resource package, which includes a DVD-ROM with the edited video and archive of interviews in the Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer (IVT), and the accompanying Users Guide, which includes the resource materials available on this website. Copies of the project are available to educators, institutions, and libraries within Canada and outside of Canada.

If you would like to contact us with feedback or for more information about purchasing a print version of project materials, please email us at: issuesintheclass(at)