Topic 1: Workshop Materials

Workshop Playlist

IVT: 5,44

IVT: 5,45

Discussion Questions

  1. What about this situation that was problematic for this student?
  2. What was the basis of the other student’s challenge to this student?
    • Why does he bring up skin color? Gender? Physical attractiveness?
    • Both students come from Aboriginal heritages and experiences. What is the basis of the conflict here? Why does skin color matter?
  3. How is each person’s identity used to engage in discussions of Aboriginal material?

Questions for Further Discussion

  1. Consider the outcome of this situation for both students. As an instructor, if you had been in the classroom or a part of this discussion, how would you address this situation?
  2. What is the relevance of this situation to the class as a whole?
  3. Discuss techniques that you would engage the class as a whole in the issues that are raised here.

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