Future Developments

Interviews with students constituted the first phase of research for this project. The second phase of research interviewed instructors and administrators on their experiences with problematic discussions of Aboriginal issues. In students’ interviews, the instructor’s role in effective or ineffective discussions of Aboriginal issues emerged as a dominant theme, and highlighted the need for their perspectives to be included in the project. In addition, at screenings of the edited video, facilitators and administrators voiced issues and concerns specific to their roles in these situations, which added more dimensions to understandings of what dynamics are involved in these situations. We recognize that instructors and administrators struggle with these issues as well, and that the inclusion of their perspectives in this project provides a more complete reading of the dynamics underpinning problematic classroom environments, and can assist in creating a climate that encourages participation in discussions about how to address them.

Interviews with instructors and administrators are complete and are available in their full-length in the Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer (IVT) . Major themes emerging from their interviews have been outlined in the “instructor interviews” page and will be developed in greater detail as the project progresses. These interviews will form the basis of additional discussion topics and other resource materials. All materials will be published online and available to order in print form. Please check our updates page for more information on new materials and project developments.