Topic 4: Workshop Materials

Workshop Playlist

IVT: 3,46

IVT: 4,44

IVT: 4,45

IVT: 8,35

Discussion Questions

Watch IVT: IVT: 3,46, IVT: 4,44, IVT: 4,45, IVT: 8,35.

  1. What are students identifying as a way of improving the classroom discussion of Aboriginal issues?
  2. What can be accomplished by a required foundations level course in Aboriginal history and issues? How might it increase sensitivity around Aboriginal issues?
  3. What are some of the limitations/problems of a mandatory foundations course?

Questions for Further Discussion

  1. What resources are required to put in place a mandatory course?  Human and otherwise?
  2. Think about existing courses that are mandatory for students, for instance, literature courses, science courses, language courses, etc.  To your knowledge, how do students engage these courses?  When we extend this to considering a foundations level course on Aboriginal issues, how can we anticipate students will engage with this kind of course?
  3. By comparison, other alternatives may seem modest, but they may be more attainable and effective.  What other alternatives are achievable in the short and longer run at your institution?  What would be the most effective alternatives at your institutions?

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