Interview Archive

The videotaped interviews for “What I Learned in Class Today”: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom form the basis of the edited video, and are archived here in their full-length using the Interactive Video Transcript Viewer (IVT).

The Interactive Video Transcript Viewer (IVT) is an innovative, web-based tool developed in the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia.  The IVT synchronizes a video with its transcript so that the transcript page updates automatically as the video plays.  You can also search the transcript for key words and phrases and go directly to that segment of the video, making it possible to search a video for a particular passage in just seconds.  The IVT is a useful way of locating specific segments from individual sessions to review participants’ comments in greater depth, and provides a way of quickly and easily searching specific segments from interviews for use for discussion in workshops and meetings.  The IVT provides a functional way of working with video, especially for research and educational purposes.

It’s also possible to embed hotlinks to specific segments from the IVT into web-based, html documents so that if a user clicks on the hotlink, the IVT will launch and play that particular segment of a session.  Examples of this kind of implementation can be found throughout the website, particularly in the discussion modules located in the discussion modules section.

For first time users, we have provided instructions for using the IVT.  Be sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups.

In order to use the IVT in meetings, you may want to use an LCD projector connected to a laptop or computer. We have found that to ensure full functionality of the features of the IVT, you will need to set the display resolution on the projector to 1024×640.  If you are uncertain about how to set this display resolution on the laptop or computer, we recommend consulting an AV technician before your presentation.