These downloads are all part of the Users Guide, which was compiled out of a desire to provide additional support materials for those that were looking for ways to further engage with the project.

The Users Guide was initially created to provide support materials for the video. While also providing basic information like the background and context for the project, an overview of the scope of the project, and the technical information necessary to navigate the online interview archives, the Users Guide also includes the materials and resources necessary to initiate discussion around some of the other components of the project, and it is this capacity that we hope you will find it most useful. Click the links below to download printable PDF files of the various components of the Users Guide.

1. Title Page
1a. Licensing Information
1b. Table of Contents
2. About the Project

This section discusses the conceptualization and development of the project, and provides background information as well as the research model.

3. About the Discussion Topics

The discussion topics were created out as a way of providing a model for facilitating discussion around some of the sensitive issues raised by the project.

3a. Topic 1: Social Position
3b. Topic 2: Tokenization
3c. Topic 3: Dealing With Classroom Incidents
3d. Topic 4: Improving the Classroom Situation
4a. About the Workshop Resources

These resources have been designed to assist facilitators to implement the discussion topics in workshops or meetings.

4b. Workshop Model

This is a hypothetical workshop that can take place in a two-hour time period and demonstrates ways of implementing workshop material from the topics as well as materials from the IVT.

4c. Appendix A: Troubleshooting

This section provides some common errors that you might run into while working the the IVT, and offers some potential solutions.

4b: Appendix B: Using the IVT

The IVT is a key component of the discussion topics and the workshop model. This section provides an overview of how to use the IVT and its features.