Technical Information

You can access the full interviews for this project using the Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer (IVT), an innovative, web-based tool developed in the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia. The IVT synchronizes a video with its transcript so that the transcript page updates automatically as the video plays. You can also search the transcript for key words and phrases and go directly to that segment of the video. The IVT provides a way of quickly and easily searching specific clips from interviews for discussion in workshops and meetings.

The IVT is a key component of the discussion topics and the workshop model. This section provides an overview of how to use the IVT and its features. When you launch the IVT, you will see the IVT homepage titled “Welcome to the IVT,” which contains technical specifications required to use the IVT.  Please read these specifications carefully and click on “Test for Quicktime” to ensure you have the necessary media components installed on your computer to work with the IVT.

The Interactive Video/Transcript Viewer gives you a whole new way to view and work with the videos and transcripts. The IVT uses the web browser on your computer and Apple’s QuickTime plugin. Recent updates to the Firefox browser have affected video playback and the IVT. We recommend using the Safari browser to watch video and interact with the IVT on this website.

In any case, you must have a recent version of the Quicktime plug-in installed, and Javascript and pop-ups enabled on your browser.


If you get no response from this button, the most likely cause is that Javascript is not enabled in your browser preferences.  Open your browser preferences and click the box enabling Javascript. You may not have the Quicktime plug-in, or be running a very old version of your browser or a browser  (such as Opera) that is not compatible with Quicktime.  If you run into problems (the video doesn’t load or the search window won’t appear), try updating your browser, or using Firefox.